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RECOVER Botanical Bath Soak

Treat Yourself To A Luxurious And Soothing Bathtime Experience With Our Sweet Dreams Relaxing Bath Soak!


Our Natural Blend Of Epsom And Himalayan Salt Is Infused With Calming Lavender Essential Oil, Which Helps To Revive Your Senses And Promotes A Restful Sleep. 


Suitable For Acne Prone & Dry Skin


Includes 1 Infusion Bag

Fully Recyclable Paper Zip Lock Bag - 300ML

RECOVER Botanical Bath Soak

  • Epsom Salt - Can Help Our Bodies Produce Melatonin, Which Is The Hormone That Promotes Better Sleep.

    Pink Himalayan Salt - Contains Essential Minerals Like Magnesium To Help Your Body Begin Its Sleep Cycle.

    Lavender  - Works As An Anxiolytic (An Anxiety Reliever) And As A Sedative, To Increase Relaxation And Calmness.

    Ylang Ylang - Has Antioxidant Properties. It Has No Overwhelming Scent Notes Which Helps To Alleviate Any Stress.

    Chamomile - Helps The Body To Wind Down After A Long Day Which Makes The Transition To Sleep Much Easier For Some People.