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RELAX Botanical Bath Soak

Indulge In The Ultimate Pampering Experience With Our Botanical Bath Soak


Our Unique Blend Of Botanical Extracts , Essential Oil And Nourishing Minerals Will Transform Your Bath Into A Luxurious Oasis. Immerse Yourself In The Soothing Scents And Let The Natural Ingredients Relax Your Body And Mind.


Suitable For Dry Skin


Recyclable Paper Zip Lock Bag - 300ML

RELAX Botanical Bath Soak

  • Epsom Salt - Can Help Our Bodies Produce Melatonin, Which Is The Hormone That Promotes Better Sleep.

    Pink Himalayan Salt - Contains Essential Minerals Like Magnesium To Help Your Body Begin Its Sleep Cycle.

    Lavender - Works As An Anxiolytic (An Anxiety Reliever) And As A Sedative, To Increase Relaxation And Calmness.

    Ylang Ylang - Has Antioxidant Properties. It Has No Overwhelming Scent Notes Which Helps To Alleviate Any Stress.

    Chamomile - Helps The Body To Wind Down After A Long Day Which Makes The Transition To Sleep Much Easier For Some People.