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Schools Out , Summer Mayhem !

The summer mayhem is upon us, with the six-week school holidays leaving working mums in a frenzy to balance their responsibilities as both a parent and a professional. As schools close their doors and children are free from the confines of classrooms, it's essential for mums who run their own businesses to find ways to maintain work-life balance while still ensuring their little ones have an enjoyable summer. ( This Is Not Easy May I Add)

SATURDAY THOUGHTS - One key aspect of navigating this chaotic period is planning summer activities that will keep my children entertained and engaged. Whether it's enrolling them in summer camps, ( My 13 year old daughter refuses to go holiday camp / club by the way ) organising playdates with friends, or exploring local attractions, finding ways to keep my kids occupied will allow me to focus on work without constant interruptions. (In my case this is not true as currently writing this my 2 year old sounds like a broken record saying MUM look at this , MUM watch me exercise , MUM what's this ?)

Additionally, self-care should not be overlooked during this busy time. As It's crucial for me to carve out moments for myself amidst the chaos. Prioritising self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, or simply taking some time alone can help recharge and maintain my mental well-being.

Last week Saturday i took the kids to a Black Owned Business Event , then me and my daughter went to watch the new BARBIE movie , had something lovely to eat and went to FREIGHT ISLAND in Manchester to listen to some RNB and play in the ARCADES. We didn't get home until 11:30PM so that was a fun filled evening :-)

I went on a play date with my son to ADVENTURE FOREST soft play with my friend and her son.

One thing I can say I hit the jackpot last night and managed to put my son in bed for 6;30pm I was able to watch a movie with my daughter and really WOOSAH for the evening!

However within the next week or so I am due to get some renovation work done on our kitchen & Bathroom , Not the best of times slap bang in the middle of the holidays but my children have been great engaging and helping packing things away. I'm pretty sure we will manage 11-20 days without kitchen and bathroom facilities , this is where family and friend support comes in.

If your a mum and your own boss, it's important to remember that you don't have to do everything alone. Consider outsourcing tasks or delegating responsibilities where possible. Asking for help with childcare or seeking support from family members can alleviate some of the pressure and allow you more time to focus on your business.

Ultimately, finding balance during the summer mayhem requires careful planning, effective time management skills, and a willingness to ask for help when needed. By prioritizing both your professional goals and your role as a mother, you can navigate this busy season with grace and ensure that everyone enjoys a memorable summer break.

Even though July has been a complete wash out with the rain , at least next week is starting to look promising with some sunshine :-)

Happy Holidays x

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