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Making It Work , One Day At A Time!

It’s March and I guess that means one thing, one significant date this weekend which is Mother’s Day let's start by celebrating the strength and resilience of us single working mums. (yes I am that mum)

The mum that has to juggle a lot of responsibilities while still managing to take care of my family (can you resonate?).

Working mums have to balance their jobs with family life, often having to make difficult decisions between the two.

Let's take this opportunity to recognize and appreciate all of you incredible women who make lives better every day.

As we celebrate Mother's Day this year, it is important to recognize the hard work and dedication of single mums working mums who are juggling multiple roles. Yes we are often the unsung heroes in society, and we deserve to be celebrated!

Let us march together in solidarity because we are amazing women!

We should also remember even with our strength and resilience we should take care of ourselves first in order to be able to take care of others.

Honestly being a working mum can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but it can also be very challenging.

To ensure that you too are taking care of yourself and your wellbeing, it is important to set aside some time for self-care.

Here are my top 5 tips to help all you lovely mums to prioritize your self-care and wellness

- Stay healthy and mentally balanced. ( I use an app called I AM can’t go wrong with daily affirmations and plenty water to drink)

- Do simple activities like taking time for yourself! ( Spa Days , walks in nature)

- Allow yourself to get enough sleep. (reduce screen time before bed, one thing I am still working on)

- Find new ways to manage stress. ( I tend to journal my thoughts and feelings and reflect at the end of the day)

- Develop healthy habits.

Even at times when it feels hard , still continue to push through because we are


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