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Welcome To The RHB COSMETICS Family !

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Hello I'm Rhynelle the owner of RHB Cosmetics.

My Business Is Based In Manchester , UK

Founded In 2020

How It All Started...

Firstly I am a qualified beauty therapist , hair dresser and nail tech i have worked in salons in the start of my journey as an apprenticeship since the age of 16 (33 now) and worked my way up. Along my journey I found I was being undervalued and underpaid in certain salons I then made the choice to branch out and do mobile because i wanted the flexibility of being my own boss. My Motto - Why Build Someone Else's Empire , When You Can Build Your Own !

My number one priority has always been to make my customers feel good within themselves & also look good.

Life hasn't always been easy for me but I chose to stay in my lane and let my challenges fuel my passion. Being a prime example to my daughter that no matter what life throws at you just keep going.

Doing multiple treatments and spending so much at the wholesalers my initial thought was so many of the products had harsh chemicals in and I didn't really want to use them on my clients, I thought I can definitely re-create the products myself formulating them with ethically sourced ingredients so they are kind for you , your skin and the planet.

I have always dreamed of branding my own products , being able to offer treatments and then being able to provide a product as whole package seemed like a really great idea to me. However my self doubt and lack of confidence got the better of me.

Then lockdown happened and another child later ,

despite being a new single mum again the stress, isolation and restrictions fuelled me to finally start my online product business.

I decided to do a business management course at university to gain more insight and knowledge all whilst completing short formulation and skincare courses in-between being a mother and building my business at the same time.

Speaking with so many customers , other business owners , friends and family , I finally came to realisation that most people were going through something whether it be emotionally , mentally or physically.

So my promise to you is to create an experience that will help you feel good inside and out.

This is something I have always enjoyed in life so here we are...

RHB COSMETICS was created with you in mind.....

It was designed with the sole purpose of your Glow Up !

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